Bulk Material Handling

Bulk Materials Handling specializes in equipment for loading, unloading and storing bulk products such as coal, iron ore, limestone and a sundry of other bulk materials.

We market a wide range of spares for equipments loading, unloading and handling of bulk material across various types of industries whether it is coal, iron ores, bauxite or limestone, Microspares has established a reputation of excellence to provide the right equipment spares to move it. With over 30 years of experience in bulk material handling, with a comprehensive product line and an unparalleled range of services, Microspares customers large and small can expect positive results.

Expect results are our promise to our customers and the essence of our strategy. It is the attitude we share throughout our organization. Our business is to deliver results to our customers to help them reach their goals

Our diversified product portfolio includes spares for

  • Stacker/Reclaimer
    • Driving axle
    • Trailing axle shaft
    • Slew Drive Pinions
    • Splined Slew Hydraulic shaft
    • Bucket wheel shaft
    • Slew hydraulic cartridge/Pedestal
    • Travelling mechanism - primary,secondary ,teritary compansetting beam, pivot bracket,strom lock auto & manual,rail cleaner ,twin buffer assembly
    • Buckets ,Bucket wheel and long travel wheel assembly.
  • Side arm charger
    • Indexer pinion
    • side arm pinion
    • Wagon tippler shafts
  • Paddle feeders
    • Paddle feeder Hub
    • Paddle feeder shaft
  • Apron Feeders
    • Main Frame
    • Head shaft
    • Pulley and counter shaft
    • Drive and Driven sprockets.