Cooling Water System

Thermal power plants boil water to create steam, which then spins turbines to generate electricity. The heat used to boil water can come from burning of a coal. Once steam has passed through a turbine, it must be cooled back into water before it can be reused to produce more electricity. Colder water cools the steam more effectively and allows more efficient electricity generation. Cooling water systems take water from nearby sources (e.g., rivers, lakes, aquifers, or the ocean), circulate it through pipes to absorb heat from the steam in systems called condensers, and discharge the now warmer water to the local source. These systems are most popular because of their simplicity, low cost, and the places with abundant supplies of cooling water. Cooling water systems consists of series off pumps for pumping water from Sea/River/Canal also Pre-Treatment of raw water like DM plants to demineralise water ie to remove all unwanted salts for Boiler.

At Microspares, we specialize in manufacturing spares upto 600MW cooling water systems, our products include.

  • Stainless steel of Grade 316,304 and Mild steel for Column pipes & T-Piece pipes
  • Pipe top support made of Austenitic Graded steel
  • Base stool and pump bearing housing
  • Pump casing
  • Bellmouth and Bellmouth liner
  • Cutless rubber
  • Impeller made of Stainless steel grade 316
  • Guide spider and Muff coupling