Tyre Industry

The tyre is produced by making full use of advanced production facilities. The production process consists of five sub-processes. These include the “Mixing process” for mixing a variety of raw materials, the “Material manufacturing process” for fabricating the tire parts such as the carcass, belt, bead and tread, the “Building process” for assembling the tire parts into the green tire (raw tire), the “Vulcanization process” for applying heat and pressure to the green tire to ensure the rubber elasticity, and the “Inspection process” for the final check of the completed tire product. We have more than three decades of experience in producing tailored made machined components and spares for various tyre industry manufacturers across India.

List of spares manufactured for various clients

  • Connecting gears for 66”/84” Mill
  • 60” SB Mill bull gear and pinion
  • Calender connecting gears middle and upper roll
  • Manufacturer of 55” S/S Single and mill gear box
  • Manufacture and reconditioning of 75”/45”/55”/125” SS Bottom press box
  • Reconditioning of 63 1⁄2 “ /21-35 Titan Bottom Box press
  • Reconditioning of Elephant press gear box
  • Spares for Extruder gear box
  • Import substitute of Zimm lead screw
  • Base frame for F270 Banbury/84” Mills
  • Connecting gears for MESNAC PCR 300 mm calendar
  • Low speed gear box coupling