Wind Mill

Wind energy is the most reliable and effective renewable energy source for responding to growing demand –in view of the foreseeable depletion of traditional (fossil) and non- renewable energy sources.

We, at MicroSpares, through our products, lend a hand in energizing the nation. As the focus of the power sector shifted towards wind energy, we envisaged a market for windmill spares and started production in 1995. Enhancing our facilities, we have steadily moved on, expanding our product line and services.

At Microspares, we specialize in manufacturing:

  • Yaw Slew ring gear for 225Kw & 500Kw Windmill capacity
  • Pinion,Yaw Brake unit for V47 models
  • Reconditioning and manufacturer of internal spares for V27 gear box for wind turbines
  • Machining off Hollow shaft for wind turbines