We have the expertise to provide replacement pressure parts for any OEM’s unit upto 600MW fossil fuel boilers, whether for in-kind replacement, improved performance, or life-extension enhancement.


Replacement headers are available for any application, including PRDS , superheaters, reheaters,economizers, and waterwalls. We have extensive experience with the latest materials currently required for all operating units. During fabrication, the headers are produced under the strictest surveillance of our Quality Control Department to insure complete compliance with all necessary codes.


Waterwall configurations, materials, and designs vary greatly for each boiler design. We have numerous welding machines at our manufacturing facilities capable of producing water wall panels and bends to clients specification from a variety of tube sizes, materials, and fin widths.


Replacement superheaters for in-kind replacement, as well as improved performance and/or extended life, can be furnished for any OEM’s unit. Procedures necessary to insure acceptable bend geometry and material mechanical characteristics, as well as those required to manufacturer any design with any of the materials needed to meet today’s performance and code requirements, are available.


Reheaters are often exposed to very high temperatures during start-up. Premature failure in reheaters can often be attributed to poorly designed support and alignment systems, as well as inadequate tube material selection for the high temperatures to which they are exposed. Revised designs, utilizing the correct materials and the latest manufacturing techniques, can be offered to help insure that your unit will operate reliably and efficiently. We have capability to manufacture LTSH Loops,Coils, bends upto 600MW.


Complete design capabilities are available to produce any type of economizer for any type of boiler.. After consulting with our client about the operating conditions of a specific unit, and the desired performance and operating enhancements, a complete evaluation is conducted, and a final solution proposed. Design and manufacturer capability of Economiser bends and coils upto 600MW.