Effluent Treatment

As one of the leading supplier of spares for drive heads for Thickener & Clarifier mechanism is a result of careful study and experience gained over 30 years of operation in the Sedimentation equipments operating in various Mineral Industries, Chemical Industries, Water Treatment Plants, Sewage and Effluent Treatment Plants under severe operating conditions.

Our customers have justified confidence in our blend of innovative technologies. Indeed, it is the optimum synergy between reliable quality, long-term experience and leading edge technology that has given us an outstanding reputation.

We regard our endeavors aimed at the conservation and ecological utilization of the world’s most valuable resource as both a daily challenge and a social responsibility. Moreover, we believe that these activities constitute a major investment in a future life that will be worth living.

Our capabilities include

  • Spur wheel/Worm wheel head drives
  • Internal gears up to 1500 mm internal diameter
  • External gears up to 2500 mm x 25.4 module
  • Grounded gears up to 1500 mm x 25.4 module
  • Straight bevel gears up to 800 mm Diameter